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Criminal Record Check Consent Form

Use this form if: you are an employee who works with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Pre-Authorized Credit Card Usage Form

Use this form if: you are paying the $28 processing fee(s) by credit card (MasterCard or Visa). It gives the Minister of Finance your card information, the dollar amount and your approval by way of your signature. Fax or mail only.

Application for a Fee Waiver From

The only individuals considered for a fee waiver are children aged 12-18 years (inclusive) in residence at a child care facility, or adult care facility licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

Application for Registration of a Volunteer Organization

Use this form if: you represent a volunteer organization that wants to opt into the Criminal Records Review Program for free checks on their volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Registered Volunteer Organization Information Update Form

Use this form: to update your volunteer organization's contact information. (CRRP registered volunteer organizations only).

Application to Enrol in the Online Service

Use this form: if you represent a volunteer or employer organization that wishes to enrol in the online service.

Sharing Form

Use this form if: if you have completed a criminal record check through the CRRP in the last 5 years and wish to share the results with another organization. To share results both organizations must be registered with the CRRP.

Volunteer Organization Application to Opt Out

Use this form if: you are a volunteer organization and wish to opt out of the CRRP.

Consent to a Criminal Record Check for Volunteers

Use this form if: you volunteer with children and/or vulnerable adults and your volunteer organization is registered with the CRRP.